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EDGE Original Inc.'s (EOI) writers accommodate customized composition requests for film, advertisements and video games.     Upon request, any project can be fully written, recorded, mixed and mastered in-house. EOI's scoring team are all classically trained composers that are very experienced in capturing a wide array of moods with little limits concerning instrumentation and musical style.   

EDGE Original Inc. also owns a growing catalog of licensable music. Listed below you find some of our most recent compositions, which were all completely written and produced by EOI. Please contact us for details on composition fees and licensing.  


Happy Hunting (2016)

Reluctant Nanny (2015)

Heaven Sent (2015)

Disneyworld - Schools Out (2015)

Something's Different With Felix Weathers (2015)

An Interrogation (2015)

The @$$hole (2015)

Finding Eugene (2015)Disney's Timon & Pumbaa's Wild About Safety Safety

Smart On The Go! (India) (2015)

Disney's Oswald The Lucky Rabbit: Poor Papa (2015)

Disney's Oswald The Lucky Rabbit: Africa Before Dark (2015)

Disney's Oswald The Lucky Rabbit: Hungry Hobos (2015)

The Usual (2015)

TRACE (2015)

Disney's The Further Adventures of Thunderbolt (2014)

Fall Into The Sky (sponsored by Eternal Water) (2014)

Dream & Reach: The First 50 Years of Bose (2014)

Disneyworld - Schools Out (2014)

Fixations (2014)

Walk-Ons (2014)

High Stakes (2014)

Lori Sheedy, F*** You (2014)

The Cake Hole (2014)

Heaven's Grace (2014)

Only Fiction (2013)

Confab (2013)

It's Not The Worst Thing Ever (2013)

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