EDGE Original Inc.'s two studio facilities and variety of writers, producers and engineers allow us to offer you customized song productions in any musical genre and style. Our services include songwriting, digital and live instrumental production, overdub and live recording, as well as mixing and mastering. 

In a pre-production consultation, we will discover which of our services best suit your needs, and decide on a tailored product package. Every product package and corresponding price is individually determined, so please contact us for further details.


Sounds Good Feels Good - 5 Seconds of Summer Run The Show - Elton John

Jessie J

Makeshift Love - Good Charlotte

Bitch I'm Madonna (Dj Irene Remix) - Dj Irene

Chasing Time (Dj Irene Remix) - Azealia Banks

Till We're Lost (feat. Amanda Rae) - Ethan Castro

World (Dj Irene Remix) - Gia

Fall Into The Sky ft. Simon Jay - Dj Irene

REdefined (LP) - Neos

In the Mean Time - Clean

Picture or it Didn't Happen - Sammy Plotkin

Playlist (feat. Clean) - Allyse Gibson

I Hate You, I Love You - Neos

One More Night - Simon Jay

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